Alphabets for Kids (HD)

"Alphabets for Kids (HD) is an app designed and developed with consultation of Kindergarten educators. This wonderful app teaches children in a interactive fun way. 
An excellent resource for teaching Alphabets with sounds and goes on a level further by spelling each word with it's sound. This technique has proven in quick adoption of Alphabets phonics as well, learning to spell. 
Alphabet song with animation help children to learn ABC with fun. 
Every Alphabet has multiple words with carefully selected real pictures. Many pictures accompanied with object sound effect.

Main features:

* Familiarize alphabets in a fun way.
* Help memorize letters with sing along "ABC" Song.
* Multiple words with each letter with real picture and sound effects where applicable.
* Help in learning to spell words.
* Best for pre-school and nursery children.
* Age group from 1 to 6 years

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